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Get Online Today!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

The current generation of engagement ring buyers look to the internet with a true sense of trust. When they are looking to purchase anything in fact, they will make a point of reading a handful of articles before daring to venture into the ‘real’ world.

This does not mean the retail experience is irrelevant. It does however mean that the retail experience has changed dramatically. Before the internet, shoppers would go to their local store for both education and to ultimately purchase. They would be lead to the store because of word of mouth or because they had past by the store many times and had finally decided to walk in. Shoppers these days will go online to research. Once they are satisfied with the knowledge they have acquired and read a few reviews on some local retail stores, they will then take the plunge and visit a store or two.

I am surprised to see that many retail stores still do not have websites. Or, their web presence is not adequate. This means many stores are missing out on sales before a potential customer has even stepped into their store. Marketing is changing. Retailers need a visually pleasing and well thought out website with agressive online marketing such as facebook.

Northam Diamonds has many tools to help your store quickly and effectively reach these new savey buyers. Please contact us at 1.800.941.4367 for more information.

Gold is Flying High

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Gold hit a new record high on July 13th at 11:50am. The spot price was $1,589.40/oz. The gold price is 33% higher then a year ago.

Diamond Demand vs. Supply

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Many of the top diamond mining companies are predicting that demand will soon begin to exceed supply. They are under the belief that as time goes on, demand will continue to grow. Supply on the other hand, will dwindle as many of the biggest mines are getting older and thus are not yielding as much as they did in their prime. Viable mines are not easy to find and it takes a long time to setup a new mine and bring it to the point of consistently generating substantial amounts of diamonds.

If the world economy manages to keep up the current pace, diamond prices will continue to rise. If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing diamonds for your inventory, now is the time to get off.


New Arctic Fox cards!

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Northam has a new Arctic Fox certificate of origin card! The card is more strongly correlated to our Arctic Fox brand. We will be providing this card with our Canadian diamonds to indicate that the diamond has been mined in Canada. There will now be a healthy mix of both Arctic Fox and CanadaMark cards.