The Arctic Fox diamond was born in the Canadian North. These diamonds are manufactured with the utmost precision and brilliance. The Arctic Fox emerged from Ekati, Canada's first diamond mine. These diamonds come with either a CanadaMark certificate card or an Arctic Fox certificate of origin card which guarantees that they were mined in Canada. It certifies that the diamond has been monitored through all stages beginning with the rough diamond and ending with the perfectly crafted finished product.

Each Diamond has the Arctic Fox head inscribed on the girdle and a serial number certifying it was produced in Canada. The serial number can be used to track the diamond and insure it's Canadian heritage.

Arctic Fox Diamonds are also mined from the Diavik mine. These two mines guarantee a top supply of rough diamonds. Arctic Fox Diamonds are selected in the rough to be of the best quality crystal even before we begin the manufacturing process. We feel this is the only way to consistently create diamonds with the highest possible brilliance and luster.

The Arctic Fox Diamond(TM). Canada's Natural Brilliance.